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The issues

one What is unconventional about the Nancy Pearl action figure toy?
two Which director turned down The Godfather, Chinatown and The Exorcist?
3 Cinnabar is the most important ore of which steel?
4 Which activity is played by combined-sex groups of eight?
five What is the UK’s optimum civilian gallantry award?
six In 1688, who landed at Brixham in Devon?
seven What Walter De Maria artwork is a grid of four hundred steel poles?
8 Which empire was acknowledged as Tawantinsuyu in the Quechua language?
What backlinks:
9 Double denim barefoot with cigarette dark match white match?
10 Disraeli in 1878 and Chamberlain in 1938?
eleven Rotherhithe Blackwall Dartford?
twelve Denali Mount Logan Pico de Orizaba?
13 Daubenton’s Leisler’s Natterer’s noctule serotine?
fourteen Annie Walker Bet Lynch Vera Duckworth Jenny Connor, presently?
15 Puducherry Ladakh Chandigarh Lakshadweep (and 4 some others)?

The fishing port of Brixham in Devon

Who landed at Brixham in Devon in 1688? Photograph: Gordon Bell Images/Getty Photographs/iStockphoto

The responses

one It is modelled on a librarian.
two Peter Bogdanovich.
3 Mercury.
4 Korfball.
five George Cross.
six William of Orange.
seven The Lightning Area.
8 Inca (regional identify, literally “realm of the 4 parts”).
9 The Beatles on the Abbey Street protect (from still left): Harrison McCartney Starr Lennon.
10 Returned with peace “with honour” (from Berlin and Munich, respectively).
eleven Street tunnels underneath the Thames.
twelve Greatest peaks in North America (and optimum in): US Canada Mexico.
13 Uk bats.
fourteen Landladies of the Rovers Return in Coronation Street.
15 Union territories of India.

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