We tested cheap and easy way to clean bathroom grout that is basically zero effort


Trying to keep on top of cleaning can be a right pain.

Especially when annoying mould appears on bathroom grout.

So, Sarah Waddington, of Plymouth Live, decided to see if there’s an easy way to get rid of bathroom mould.

She said: “I’ve tried loads of products, expensive ones, too, but nothing really seems to do the trick.

“That’s until I Googled a ‘quick and easy’ way to wipe off the mould that builds up on your bathroom tile grout.

“It’s cheap. Easy. And is pretty much zero effort.

“The trick is this – buy a big pack of cotton wool or cotton wool pads and a bottle of bleach.

“Soak each cotton wool pad with some bleach and line the edge of your bath with them, covering the mould completely.

Using the hack

And the result!

“Then (and this was my favourite bit), go to bed! The cotton wool should be left to soak overnight and then in the morning, all that pesky mould should be gone.”

She added: “I was admittedly dubious when I peeled back the first cotton wool pad, thinking only part of the mould would have been soaked away.

“But, to my surprise, it had all completely gone.

“So there you go. A cheap, easy, simple way to remove mouldy bathroom grout.”

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