The stunning pictures of this week’s glorious sunrises and sunsets across Wales


The unusual blazing red and amber skies this week were captured by amateur and professional photographers across the nation, from Swansea to Anglesey

Beautiful skies with hues of red and orange have been seen across Wales this week.

The blazing sunrise and sunset on Monday, December 2, were captured by people living in all corners of the country and have been shared widely across social media.

Pictures taken in Swansea, Cardiff, Anglesey and Pembrokshire show the amazing display in all its glory as people stopped to admire the beautiful scene and capture the moment.

Wales offers a lot of opportunities for impressive nature and weather photography and an incredible picture of the raging sea in Porthcawl was nominated for the world’s best weather photograph this year.

The scenes bring to mind the age-old saying, which first appeared in the bible: “Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning,” which is usually true, according to the Met Office.

Why does the sky turn red at sunrise and sunset?

The old proverb works well in the UK, where weather systems mostly move in from the West across the Atlantic.

The sky turns red when dust gets trapped in the atmosphere by high pressure, scattering the blue light and leaving only red light behind to paint the sky in the brilliant colours seen this week.

If the sky turns red at sunset, as it did on December 2, it means high pressure is moving in from the West, and the next day will usually be dry and pleasant, as it was on Tuesday, December 3.

A red sky in the morning means the high pressure weather system has already moved on eastward taking the good weather with it, most likely to be replaced by rain, wind and low pressure.

Here are the best photos from across Wales:

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