The Chase viewers ‘mind blown’ after Chaser admits he’s never heard of common phrase


The Chase viewers were left ‘mind blown’ after hearing that quizzer Shaun Wallace had ‘never heard of’ a common phrase.

Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants to the show, with 45-year-old Lyndon being the first to face the Chaser.

He built up an impressive £8,000 in the cash builder, but suffered up against Shaun after being just one question from home.

Host Bradley Walsh read the question: “To ‘discombobulate’ is to do what?”

The contestant was given three choices, ‘dissect’, ‘eat’, or ‘confuse’.

Bradley Walsh was stunned after Shaun Wallace admitted he didn’t know the phrase

After answering ‘eat’, Lyndon said: “I’m going home. I think it might be dissect.”

Viewers were then stunned to find that Shaun had put ‘dissect’.

After getting the question wrong, the Chaser said: “I’ve never heard of that phrase.”

A confused Bradley said: “Discombobulate? You’re a barrister!

“Well that was lucky!”

Lyndon then got the next question correct, making it back to his team mates with a whopping £8,000.

But viewers were distracted and left stunned by Shaun not knowing the popular phrase.

One said: “I CANNOT believe @ITVthebarrister hasn’t heard of ‘discombobulate’, that’s mind blowing. #TheChase”

Another wrote: “Shaun was really discombobulated just then….#thechase”

A third said: “Sorry, how the **** does anyone not know what discombobulate means?! It’s a pretty common word.”

“Who doesn’t know what discombobulate means?! That man there #facepalm. Oh, and Wallace” said another.

The Chase continues weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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