Quarantine arrivals from Covid-19 hotspots in hotels


People should be quarantined in hotels when they arrive into Ireland from coronavirus hotspots, according to the Social Democrats co-leader.

A list of countries that are safe to fly to, is due to be completed next week, while there are also calls for a list of states that are not safe to be put together.

The National Public Health Emergency Team is expected to brief the government on the 14 day quarantine period today.

Roisín Shortall believes it is dangerous to allow people leave the airport without an effective quarantine.

The Social Democrats say it is the only solution that makes sense to prevent Covid-19 spreading within the country.

Roisín Shortall says the last three months are worthless if visitors are not quarantined. 

Ms Shorthall says: “That’s how other countries have dealt with travel successfully.

“That applies if the levels within the UK are high or if there are levels anywhere else that are high.

“The Government needs to be able to respond to what’s happening. The alternative is to have an open-door policy.

“People are able to come and go and run the very high risk of doing huge damage.”

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