Police confirm that £20,000 worth of ‘non-essentials’ stolen at Tesco where barriers put in front of period products


Police have confirmed that a supermarket aisle at the centre of a controversy around selling ‘non-essential’ items was closed due to £20,000 of beauty products being stolen.

Concerns were raised by customers of the St Mellon’s branch of Tesco in Cardiff as an aisle containing sanitary and hygiene products was blocked off this morning.

The supermarket caused further anger after its Twitter account told a customer it had “been told by the Welsh Government not to sell these items for the duration of the firebreak lockdown” — you can read that story here.

A picture taken in a Cardiff Tesco shows sanitary products blocked off
A picture taken in a Cardiff Tesco shows sanitary products blocked off

Another customer posted a picture showing an aisle containing sanitary and hygiene products blocked off, saying: “Wow, really? I cant buy period products in my Tesco but I can buy beer.”

The Welsh Government said Tesco was giving customers ‘false information’ on its Twitter account.

After initially replying calling its original response a “mistake”, the company then went further to explain the barriers were actually a result of an earlier break-in.

The deleted tweet from Tesco

As the aisle was re-opened, Tesco said that the cordon was in place because of a break in and not because sanitary products are deemed not essential.

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South Wales Police have now confirmed details of the break-in which caused the closure and said that £20,000 worth of beauty products – including razors and make up – were stolen in the early morning raid.

They said the burglary happened between 2.30am and 4.30am this morning, Monday October 26, and are appealing for any information on the incident.

They are urging anyone with information which could help the investigation to contact police anonymously via on 0800 555111 and quote reference: 2000389957.

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