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In Jack Ritchie’s to start with phrase of sixth sort, when he was seventeen, he started off to commit his lunch breaks at the bookies down the street from his college in Sheffield, staking his dinner income at the preset-odds betting terminals. It became a standard point. No one ever requested for any proof of age.

Early on, Jack had a major acquire. It was also significantly income to match in his pocket he had to inquire the bookies to hold it for him right until he could decide it up soon after college. “He arrived home with £1,000 in hard cash,” his mother, Liz, tells me, blinking in astonishment.

Jack only instructed his mom and dad he’d been gambling a yr later, when the £1,000 was long long gone, along with the £5,000 his grandmother had remaining him, and each other spare penny he’d scraped jointly from bits and items of perform and birthday offers. “He realized what he’d performed was absurd and stupid,” suggests Charles, Jack’s father. “At that stage, we have been naive. We’re not a gambling household. We believed, this is a young guy escalating up, performing stupid issues, experimenting. We believed he’d mature out of it.”

Charles took Jack into each betting shop in Sheffield, the place Jack remaining a photograph and signed a sort that would exclude him from placing bets there. “There he was, a very good-seeking, ambitious 18-yr-previous, with his father, heading into these deeply depressing spots.” Charles shakes his head. “He’d appear out of them and say: ‘That’s not me. This is not what I am.’”

Jack Ritchie

Jack Ritchie who died as a final result of gambling. Photograph: Courtesy of Jack Ritchie’s famiy

But Jack shortly started off visiting gambling sites to engage in on the internet roulette. When he arrived in Hull for his to start with phrase at university, he blew his university student grant in digital casinos almost quickly. For the duration of the Christmas vacations, Liz and Charles purchased software that blocked his accessibility to gambling web-sites. But it expired soon after a yr.

Jack’s gambling was intermittent – often activated when an unsolicited e-mail from one of the bookies landed in his inbox – but he started to experience controlled by it, Liz describes. “You reduce your capacity for self-willpower. Jack was utilized to getting a clever boy. I imagine he will have experienced himself getting rid of that, at an age when he essential to rely on it.”

At a time when he was meant to be forming his identity, Jack started to experience it was slipping away from him. Liz shrugs. “He felt he was destroying himself.”


For as long as men and women have gambled, there have been gambling addicts. But around the past 15 decades, a ideal storm of technological innovation and new freedoms for the gambling market has remaining young men and women notably susceptible. A report by the Gambling Fee previous yr believed there are now fifty five,000 challenge gamblers aged 11-16 in England, Scotland and Wales, and 450,000 who gamble regularly. In this age team, gambling is additional popular than smoking or using medicine 11% of 11 to 16-yr-olds report that they gamble each 7 days, as opposed to only six% who smoke tobacco and 5% who just take medicine.

Toy slot machine

Gambling has develop into normalised and ubiquitous. Photograph: Stephen Lenthall/The Guardian. Props by Propped Up

Jack Ritchie was aspect of the to start with era to start out their teenage decades soon after the 2005 Gambling Act allowed bookmakers, casinos and gambling sites to publicize on tv and radio. The market now spends £1.5bn a yr on marketing and advertising. Gambling has develop into normalised and ubiquitous – additional than 50 % the groups in the Premiere League carry betting business logos on their shirts. A 2019 research by GambleAware located a 24% rise in market paying on marketing and marketing and advertising campaigns concerning 2015 and 2018, and that, even if advertisements have been aimed at grownups, youngsters even now located them pleasing. Jack’s era was also the to start with to mature up when it was ordinary for adolescents to have laptops in their rooms and smartphones in their pockets. That designed it attainable to gamble 24 several hours a day, without leaving your bed room, without anyone else being aware of.

In reaction to the Gambling Commission’s findings, the to start with NHS Younger People’s Nationwide Difficulty Gambling Clinic was established up in London in December 2019. “The back links concerning challenge gambling and stress, melancholy and mental wellbeing problems are escalating,” reported the NHS England chief executive, Simon Stevens . “We have to have to be obvious. Tackling mental sick wellbeing brought about by dependancy is everyone’s obligation – specially individuals corporations that straight add to the challenge.”

So significantly, individuals companies have been unwilling to adjust system. When Britain’s main experts on gambling conditions called on corporations to suspend marketing early in the coronavirus lockdown, it took them three months to concur to start out to pull their advertisements. (From 9pm to 10pm on Friday 24 April on Channel 4, I counted commercials for gambling sites in each one of the three advertisement breaks). Normal gamblers are gambling additional through lockdown, even without live sports fixtures to wager on.

While grownup gambling problems are often measured in conditions of debts, the problems performed to youngsters and young men and women can be additional insidious, affecting their sense of them selves. For the Ritchie household, the repercussions have been devastating. On 22 November 2017, 7 decades soon after Jack put his to start with wager, Liz and Charles’s “wonderful, warm, sort, happy” son took his own everyday living. Gambling With Life, the charity his mom and dad founded soon after Jack’s death, estimates there could be up to 650 gambling-connected suicides each yr in the British isles. The Ritchies are now in call with additional than 60 not too long ago bereaved family members one misplaced a daughter, all the relaxation misplaced sons. The youngest killed himself much less than a yr ago, aged 18. They all started off gambling as youngsters.

I am speaking to Liz and Charles around Zoom from the kitchen area desk of the household home the place Jack grew up with his two more mature sisters. I recognise it from a online video on the Gambling With Life website, which reveals 6ft 4in Jack waltzing with his significantly shorter mother, bending her backwards around the kitchen area sink as they collapse with laughter.

“He was a major, pleased character,” Charles smiles. “Very popular, with plenty of near close friends.” He liked soccer he cared about politics and was a major supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. “It’s effortless to idealise any individual when they are dead, but he seriously was genuinely very warm-hearted. All his close friends say what they miss out on about him is his major hugs,” Liz adds.

Jack’s close friends all realized he liked to gamble. “Nobody saw it as a challenge,” Charles suggests. “There have been no warning bells. It felt so normalised that no one felt they essential to intervene. It’s a little bit of entertaining, as the adverts say.”

Around 7 decades, Jack possibly misplaced all around £30,000. His distress around gambling was never ever seriously about the income it arrived from the hold it had around his everyday living and the experience he could never ever escape it.

When he died, he was teaching English in Hanoi. He hadn’t gambled for three months right before leaving the British isles, and gambling is banned in Vietnam, so his mom and dad felt it was behind him. Then, one Sunday in November 2017, Jack Skyped his mom and dad and instructed them he was experience down due to the fact he had gambled all over again, on British sites.

“We purchased blocking software for his pc. For the duration of the phone he put in it on his machine,” Charles suggests. “Or so we believed.”

At lunchtime three days later, Liz and Charles opened an e-mail with a suicide take note. They invested a frantic hour seeking to find Jack. An hour later, his entire body was located.

Liz and Charles Ritchie

Jack’s mom and dad Liz and Charles Ritchie: ‘Gambling was the root and the result in of his death.’ Photograph: Jo Ritchie

The Ritchies have no doubt that he died as a immediate final result of gambling. “We have been ready to piece jointly his previous day, and, we can see that Jack crashed out, soon after a day of gambling, and he was dead within an hour and a 50 %,” Charles suggests. “Gambling was the root and the result in of his death.”

The coroner at Jack’s inquest requested all people in courtroom, such as associates from the Section of Tradition, Media and Activity and the Gambling Fee, to acknowledge that Jack killed himself due to the fact of gambling. The Ritchies are bringing legal action to hold the govt liable for Jack’s death, on the grounds that it did not present adequate treatment for addicts, or adequate warning about the risks of gambling.

“Over the past 20 decades, there’s been the progress of a sort of industrialised digital gambling,” Charles suggests. “Fixed-odds betting terminals are the higher-profile model, but you’ve bought precisely the identical video games on the internet.”

Dr Matt Gaskell, medical lead and marketing consultant psychologist for the NHS northern gambling clinics in Manchester, Leeds and Sunderland, tells me the most widespread formats that provide sufferers to the clinics are on the internet slot machines, digital roulette and on the internet in-engage in sports betting (the place gamblers wager on unique facets of an ongoing activity, these as who is heading to get the following yellow card). In the past, men and women place a stake on the final result of a forthcoming party, these as a solitary soccer match or horse race. These new on the internet formats supply never ever-ending opportunities to gamble.

“They are made to maximise losses and what is called ‘time on system for each user’,” Gaskell instructed the Gambling Connected Hurt all-get together parliamentary team on 11 May. These digital products and solutions have style and design features that distort a gambler’s judgment. “They reward you with visible and auditory congratulations, even however you’re getting rid of income,” Gaskell reported. “So dopamine, this enthusiasm chemical, is unveiled, even when you’re losing… This pattern of rewards has continuously been demonstrated to build recurring behaviour in animals and people.”

It’s not just on the internet bookies that exploit this pattern. A current research of the most popular desktop videogames showed that additional than 70% of video games – even some made for young youngsters – now have “loot boxes”: opportunities for players to commit income on mystery digital items. They are commonplace in Fortnite, Overwatch and Fifa. Sega’s Football Supervisor routinely shows betting odds as a way of measuring likelihood when League One particular Matches attribute, they are often referred to along with the identify of their official sponsor – Sky Wager League One particular. Final September, cognitive psychologists called for loot containers to be controlled in the British isles.

Liz Ritchie is a retired NHS marketing consultant psychotherapist. “Children are getting groomed to be gamblers,” she suggests. The App Shop has rated Sega’s Football Supervisor ideal for ages 4+. “I do believe there will be a Jimmy Savile moment, and men and women will suddenly say, ‘What on earth have been we performing?’ When your kid dies, that curtain is ripped apart for you. We want to warn other mom and dad due to the fact no person warned us.”


Illustration of gambling chips in a sweets tube

‘A great deal of our young men and women get started gambling with an early major acquire.’ Photograph: Stephen Lenthall./The Guardian. Props by Propped Up

Soon right before lockdown, I check out the headquarters of the new Younger People’s Nationwide Difficulty Gambling Clinic, on a chaotic street in west London. The identical making is home to the Nationwide Difficulty Gambling Clinic for grownups aged twenty five and around. In one of the consulting rooms, I meet up with marketing consultant psychiatrist Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, the director. She established up the grownup clinic in 2008.

“A great deal of our young men and women get started with an early major acquire. That kicks off a disregulated method.” Gambling ailment is a mental sickness, she suggests. “It’s a loss of manage around gambling behaviour, which for the majority of men and women is a recreational action that should really not result in any important problems.”

When Bowden-Jones describes the unique harms youngsters and young men and women working experience as a final result of challenge gambling, she could very easily be describing the consequences of drug dependancy.

“Sadly, we’ve had a great deal of college students dropping out of college or university in the past due to the fact of gambling routines. The academic effects is enormous due to the fact they are up all evening gambling. They reduce close friends due to the fact they borrow income and can not repay it. They steal income. We see men and women with gambling problems fall out of their sports groups, reduce fascination in their hobbies, cease participating in their musical instruments.”

The clinic was established up to get to challenge gamblers as young as 13, but Bowden-Jones suggests the normal young person who reaches the provider has strike a crisis stage in their late teens, soon after leaving college. “They have no unique mentoring: it is not the marriage concerning academics and pupils, the place academics may possibly location something at university or perform, they are not so near. Which is the place issues can slip out of hand.”

9 out of 10 of the challenge gamblers they see are male. “They are inclined to be possibly really fascinated in sports – sports betting is a major challenge – or have an overinflated sense of self in relation to poker abilities,” she suggests. “With young men and women, there’s a significant affiliation with alcoholic beverages and medicine. Alcohol disinhibits them. Cocaine is a stimulant, it retains you heading all evening. Minimal temper and anxiety can engage in a aspect: at times they are making use of the gambling to act almost as a self-medicine.”

Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones.

Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones. Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

Bowden-Jones is utilized to listening to how her more mature sufferers fled bodily, emotional or sexual abuse as youngsters by functioning away to the arcade, and later the bookies. Now young men and women are selecting to escape on the internet.

Final yr, 355 men and women attended the national challenge gambling clinic. At minimum 50 % the sufferers have household histories of challenge gambling. Early intervention can make a big difference, Bowden-Jones suggests: “We know that higher amounts of impulsivity at the age of 7 are previously a predictor of possible problems with gambling in adulthood.”

But receiving aid to individuals who have to have it most is difficult: sufferers and their family members have to have to refer them selves to the clinic, and quite a few of the youngest challenge gamblers will be hiding it. While more mature challenge gamblers are addressed in groups, young men and women are offered individual cognitive behavioural therapy. “The intention is to wholly cease gambling and never ever get started all over again. At the time a challenge gambler, often a challenge gambler. The prognosis can be very good, but you have to have to be abstinent.”

There is therapy for mom and dad, also. “Some young men and women are emotionally abusing their mom and dad due to the fact they want income,” Bowden-Jones describes. “They will phone in the center of the evening expressing they have been hurt and they have to have income for medicine.” The clinic offers mom and dad methods so they can assure youngsters are fed and have their rent compensated, without giving them hard cash that will feed their dependancy.

While she is cautious to say that there is a deficiency of analysis on the url concerning gambling conditions and suicide in the British isles, she is familiar with how critical the challenge can be. “In the previous pair of decades, we could talk about twelve conditions at our weekly conference and 10 of them would be suicidal.”


“So I’m not too long ago 18. I’ve never ever had a position,” reads Josh Jones’s write-up on the College student Room on the internet forum. “Recently (previous 8-10 months) I’ve just been consumed by gambling. Begun with household video games of poker for £5 in this article, £10 there. Now I’ve misplaced around £1,000… I’m terrified for my sanity. I even now just seriously want to engage in poker as I am self-assured now that if I had $500+ to engage in with I could make a residing from it… Carrying out maths at Bristol (grades permitting) as of October… Is it legal to gamble your university student personal loan?”

“Seriously, find aid for that gambling dependancy,” someone replies.

But Josh is insistent. “I am seeking to train to be a professional poker player… Now I’ve enhanced a great deal I’m out of income to engage in with.”

The closing concept is temporary, and blunt. “And now Josh Jones is dead. Suicide due to his dependancy, aged 23. Give up all of you. From Josh’s mum.”

Josh Jones as a child

Josh Jones as a kid. Photograph: Courtesy of Joshua’s household

I converse to Josh’s mom and dad, Kim and Martin, in a online video phone from their home close to Swindon. Josh was the center son of three. There is no historical past of gambling in their household. They are the two retired engineers, and utilized to seeking at issues with a sort of logic that will make challenge gambling notably bewildering to them.

“He was the everyday living and soul of the get together,” Kim suggests. “Very gregarious, outgoing, clever. He possibly believed he was additional clever than he was, in conditions of gambling.”

Josh played soccer and captained one of the university hockey groups. He was also a musician. “Basically, his everyday living escalating up was fulfilled. He was not sitting down there participating in on his pc,” Kim frowns. “He was seriously pleased.”

Martin and Kim located out about Josh’s gambling when he was seventeen – they bought a phone from his college. “A member of workers overheard him in the canteen boasting to his close friends about how significantly income he’d gambled with or how significantly he’d won,” Kim suggests.

Josh was gambling at evening, on the laptop computer they had purchased for his homework. A few early wins at on the internet poker led him to believe he had a expertise for it. His actual skills – for academic perform and songs – have been quickly subsumed by gambling.

He did not get the grades he essential to go to Bristol, soon after all (“I’m a gambling addict who totally flunked the summer season tests with no revision,” he admitted in an on the internet write-up) and instead studied maths at the College of Surrey. Inside his to start with 7 days as an undergraduate, he had misplaced his grant for the entire phrase.

His mom and dad drip-fed him £20 in this article and there, enough that he could take in but not enough to gamble. They took around manage of his financial institution account. They put in software to block gambling web-sites from his pc. Then Josh started to just take out payday loans and check out casinos.

Josh instructed his mom and dad the compulsion to gamble was almost unbearable. “He would describe lying in bed, perspiring, shaking, physically seeking not to strike the button all over again, not to go back on the gambling site. To me, which is describing almost precisely a drug addict’s cold turkey,” Martin suggests. “You can convey to how deeply embedded in his mind it was.”

They inspired him to get aid. He had counselling at the university student wellbeing provider, and in his third yr, referred himself to the grownup challenge gambling clinic in London, the place he had about a dozen CBT classes. “Although we felt it served to some extent, it did not cease him,” Martin suggests. They inevitably compensated for private hypnotherapy at a Harley Avenue clinic. “After about the fourth session, he gambled on the way home. And he reported to us, ‘You may possibly as perfectly help save your income, it is not performing any very good.’ He just couldn’t cease.”

On thirty July 2015, Josh took the day off perform to gamble. It was payday: he had gained £2,500 from his graduate accountancy position, plus a £1,000 bonus for the yr, and he had worked out how to accessibility his financial institution account. He owed men and women income and was persuaded he could acquire anything he essential to pay back them back. “And he misplaced it,” Martin suggests. “He misplaced in the order of £3,000, and which is what brought about his death. It’s not about the income. I imagine, in the close, it is humiliation and shame.”

When the police knocked on Martin and Kim’s door at 2am to break the news, they have been not stunned. “I realized what they have been in this article for,” Kim suggests. “For months, we’d been residing less than this cloud, ready for this phone.

Like the Ritchies, the Joneses are persuaded their son was killed by his gambling dependancy. “We’ve bought totally no doubt in anyway,” Martin suggests. “The govt, the Gambling Fee and the gambling market are jointly liable for his death – not only his death, but the death of hundreds, and the damage of hundreds of countless numbers.”

Martin and Kim Jones

Martin and Kim Jones: ‘It’s not about the income. I imagine, in the close, it is humiliation and shame.’ Photograph: Joel Redman/The Guardian


The gambling market funds initiatives meant to shield youngsters from gambling. GambleAware is funded by a voluntary levy on the market, which arrived to £10.5m in the yr from April 2019 to March 2020 – a little portion of the £1.5bn invested on marketing and advertising. GambleAware funds GamCare, which operates the Nationwide Gambling Helpline, and has operate a youth outreach programme in educational institutions and youth clubs.

“We operate interactive workshops that present information about precisely what challenge gambling is, raise consciousness of what is out there and aid young men and women make greater choices,” suggests Megan Pengelly, a programme supervisor for GamCare’s possibility reduction initiatives. “We’re not heading in, wagging the finger at young men and women. We’re seeking to encourage dialogue all around unique attitudes toward gambling and supplying some accurate information.” Pengelly suggests GamCare normally takes “great pains” to insure they perform independently of the gambling companies that fund them.

“We hear young people’s encounters and attitudes in our interactive classes. There tends to be a polarisation: at one close of the spectrum, you have young men and women who may possibly be a little bit laissez-faire about challenge gambling, who are not that fearful about it – perhaps they have mom and dad who gamble and don’t see it as a possibility. At the other close, curiously, you have young men and women who are rather moralistic, who, at that time in their everyday living, are very resistant to the concept of gambling. From our stage of view, the two ends of the spectrum are at possibility. Younger men and women who are judgmental of men and women who gamble – their attitudes will adjust there’s a possibility in that they could possibly have an improved likelihood of suffering from shame or reluctance to find aid,” she suggests.

Bowden-Jones also goes into educational institutions to speak to sixth formers. “They sort long queues and inquire you concerns about no matter if they are performing it also significantly, so obviously there is a have to have there.” But she fears the concept is not however receiving to 13 to 16-yr-olds.

The gambling market likes to emphasise individual obligation. The GambleAware slogan (“When the entertaining stops, stop”) suggests that stopping is a easy decision that each individual can make. When I inquire Bowden-Jones who is liable for Britain’s kid gambling addicts, she choses her terms very carefully. “It will be a combine of issues. We, as a nation, are letting youngsters also significantly exposure to gambling. The near connection with sports and gambling is an challenge, the marketing is an challenge, the marketing and advertising is an challenge. Age verification is a very major challenge.”

But mom and dad have to have to just take an active fascination in what their youngsters are performing on the internet. “We know from analysis that men and women who have challenge gambling difficulties are inclined to have much less parental manage.”

Of class, mom and dad who have misplaced youngsters despite each exertion to observe their paying and on the internet action see it differently. “The Gambling Act demands to be revised. It demands to be centered on stopping gambling damage – not lowering it,” Martin suggests.

“I imagine it is likely like the opioid scandal in The usa,” Liz suggests. “You’ve bought very addictive products and solutions getting portrayed as harmless. You have bought a legal solution which is creating a pool of addicts, notably in the young.” She sighs. “And it is bereaved family members who are often at the prow of the boat somehow.”

In the British isles and Ireland, Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 or e-mail jo@samaritans.org or jo@samaritans.ie. The Nationwide Difficulty Gambling Clinic can be contacted on 020 7381 7722 or gambling.cnwl@nhs.internet. The NHS Northern Gambling Assistance can be contacted on 0300 three hundred 1490, or referral.ngs@nhs.internet.

In the US the Nationwide Suicide Avoidance Lifeline is one-800-273-8255.

In Australia the crisis aid provider Lifeline is 13 11 fourteen.

Other global suicide helplines can be located at befrienders.org

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