Mum takes hospital bed selfie seconds after giving birth


Giving birth can be a stressful time not only for the mum-to-be but for everybody involved – as one woman’s hilarious selfie shows.

The photo, that’s gone viral since being shared on Instagram, was taken by an unknown woman in the delivery room just minutes after she and her husband welcomed their new baby to the world.

It shows the first-time mum lying in her hospital bed covering in a blanket with her hair still in a hairnet and a massive smile on her face.

But despite being the one to give birth, the spotlight is on her husband who’s lying on the floor, presumably unconscious, in the background of the shot, as reported by The Mirror.

It appears childbirth was too much for the dad because he’s being tended to by three medics – including one who’s holding the newborn, and is still wearing his hospital scrubs.

Luckily, the woman doesn’t seem too concerned by the dramatic scene happening right next to her and sees the funny side of the situation.

The photo was shared by Worth Feed who captioned the photo: “He was here to encourage his wife at her First Childbirth.”

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Since being posted on January 14, more than 7,600 people have liked the photo, and hundreds more have commented – with many sharing joked and admitting how funny they found the scenario.

One person said: “Laughing silly. And that’s why we give childbirth, we’re stronger.”

Another wrote: “Omg lmao poor guy had no idea what he was in for.”

A third commented: “That dude will never live this down”.

A fourth added: “Show it his child when their older…”

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