Motorists warned they may be over the legal limit the morning after drinking


Motorists are being urged to consider their driving habits over the Christmas period.

AA research has found one in six people admit to driving hungover, and are unsure if they are within the legal alcohol limit.

The survey also showed one in 12 motorists have been involved in a collision or near miss with someone they knew was over the limit.

“Often when we talk about drink-driving, people only think about the person who stumbles out of the car at 3am and gets into a car,” said Barry Aldworth from the AA

He added that people need to give their bodies time to recover before going behind the wheel.

“There is a secondary aspect of drink-driving which is the person who maybe did the right thing at the end of the night but then they think that (after) a couple of hours sleep and a cup of coffee they are perfectly fine to drive at 7am which just isn’t always going to be the case.”

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