Joe Wicks hurts himself in daring workout move


Popular Body Coach Joe Wicks has told how he has caused himself an injury in a recent PE session.

Joe has revealed that he pulled his hamstring attempting to do the splits during Friday’s workout.

This comes days after Joe accidentally farted during a live session, leaving his fans in hysterics, the Mirror reports.

Joe told his fans on  Instagram   that he had suffered an injury during a workout, sharing a clip of him dressed as Buzz Lightyear.

Joe showed the moment he opened his legs and dropped down to the floor.

The moment the injury occurred

He told fans: “This is gonna cost me.”

Joe admitted he had never attempted the move before and clip showed him limping in pain afterwards.

“Twanged my hammy didn’t I. I believe in my head that I can do things I can’t, I believed in my head I could do the full splits,” he said.

This comes after Monday’s exercise class, where he broke wind during a live stream, became his most watched YouTube video.

Laughing off the gaffe, Joe said: “All that work – the recipes in my kitchen, all the holidays when I was filming, when I was injured and just putting so much content up – and it took a fart to become the most engaged post ever.

“So what I’ve learnt is fart more, let it out, open up to it and just be honest.”

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