‘It’s Donegal today, it’ll be another county tomorrow,’ Dr Glynn warns


While counties Donegal, Louth and Waterford have the highest Covid-19 infection rates outside Dublin, acting chief medical officer Dr Ronan Glynn has warned that other counties will follow if people don’t reduce their contacts.

Speaking at this evening’s Government Covid-19 briefing, Dr Glynn said that Donegal, Louth and Waterford were of the most concern, adding that the increase in cases in Galway and Cork was alarming.

He also said the situation is improving in Limerick, Tipperary and Leitrim due to people following public health advice.

“This week we have a particular focus on Donegal, on Louth, on Waterford, on the northern part of Wicklow, on the eastern side of Kildare. We’re seeing an increase in cases in Cork, we’re seeing an increase in cases in Galway. Equally, we’re seeing an improvement in the situation in Limerick, in Tipperary, in Leitrim, those improvements happened because people responded to our advice.”

Of today’s 234 cases:

  • 115 are men/119 are women
  • 68 per cent are under 45 years of age
  • 49 per cent are confirmed to be associated with outbreaks or are close contacts of a confirmed case
  • 34 cases have been identified as community transmission
  • 103 cases are in Dublin, 30 in Donegal, 22 in Galway, 21 in Cork, 13 in Wicklow, 12 in Louth, 9 in Kildare, 8 in Meath, with the remaining 17 spread across 10 counties

Dr Glynn said it was a particular concern that the majority of cases in Donegal are in the 15-24 age bracket.

“Donegal in particular has a high incidence, speaking to the director of public health in that area today, and I can see from the evidence this evening, in Donegal over one in three cases are in people aged 15-24. There are a large number of family and extended family outbreaks so it really is important in the counties that I’ve listed, Donegal in particular, that people heed the advice and cut their social contacts.

“It’s Donegal today, it’ll be another county tomorrow, it’ll be another county the day after. I would implore people not to wait until they’re hearing a warning from this table, and to cut down their social contacts now.”

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