Drug dealing cousins who worked at kebab shop led police to third cocaine dealer


Drug dealing cousins who lived above and worked at a kebab shop led police to discover a third dealer who tried to evade arrest by claiming he was “out for food in England”.

Ugur Tunc, 31, Tanju Tunc, 35, and Jack Stroud, 24, were all involved in the sale of cocaine after evidence of dealing was discovered on their phones.

It is believed Stroud was dealing on a larger scale, selling amounts up to an ounce at at time to other dealers while cousins Ugur and Tanju Tunc liaised with dealers to provide cocaine for their friends.

All three defendants, from Cwm, near Ebbw Vale, initially denied their involvement in a conspiracy to supply cocaine, claiming they were buying drugs for their own use.

Ugur Tunc, 31, from Cwm, was involved in the supply of cocaine

The Tunc cousins were also found in possession of £60,000 in cash, but they claim this is money was from a government coronavirus grant scheme.

A sentencing hearing at Newport Crown Court on Friday heard police first became aware of the Tunc cousins when their phone numbers were found on a phone belonging to a woman arrested on suspicion of supplying cocaine.

On March 3, police attended the defendants’ flat above Cwm Kebab House, where both of them worked, and arrested both Ugur and Tanju Tunc.

Prosecutor Kathryn Lane said it was “clear” both of the defendants were involved in the supply of cocaine and text messages on an iPhone belonging to Ugur Tunc and a Samsung belonging to Tanju Tunc provided evidence of this.

Tanju Tunc, 35, from Cwm, was involved in the supply of cocaine

In his police interview, Ugur Tunc said he spent between £100 and £200 on cocaine a fortnight and told officers “I can’t lie, even if it gets me prosecuted. There are people asking if I can get cocaine for them because I buy my own stuff and know dealers”.

Tanju Tunc said he was previously a heavy user of cocaine and told police “I did give to people in Cwm. They would give me money and I would go and get it for them”

During the course of their interviews, Stroud was named as a dealer who had sold them cocaine and they provided an address. Police also saw an advert sent from Stroud via Snapchat which said “Banging one here brother”, with prices for an ounce at £1,550 and £800 for half an ounce.

On April 20, police attended a house in Marine Street, but were unable to locate Stroud. They attended his grandmother’s address and spoke to him over the phone but he told them he wasn’t available but could meet them the next day.

They then attended his girlfriend’s house in Brynmawr and arrested him, and he said “What’s all this about, I was just off for food in England.” Police also recovered snap bags of white powder containing 1.5g and 0.9g of cocaine valued at £250, £190 in cash, a Tag Heur watch and digital scales.

The defendant’s phone was seized and was found to contain the Wickr app which prevents third parties from accessing messages but they found a tick list on Stroud’s What’sApp which indicated he was owed £11,440 for drugs he had sold. There was also messages relating to drug dealing.

In his police interview, Stroud admitted he was concerned in the supply of class A drugs in order to feed his own habit.

The defendant, of Marine Street, Cwm, later pleaded guilty to supplying a controlled drug of class A, class B and possession of a controlled drug of class A.

The Tunk cousins, both of Marine Street, Cwm, pleaded guilty to supply a controlled drug of class A.

Jack Stroud, 24, from Cwm, was involved in the supply of cocaine

In mitigation, Gareth Williams for Tanju Tunc said his client and his friends would pool money together in order to buy drugs and he would be the one to purchase and distribute it, but would not make any profit.

Nik Strobl, for Ugur Tunc said his client began taking drugs after taking time off work to receive treatment for a brain tumour and was taken advantage by those he bought drugs from, who encouraged him to begin dealing.

Ray Tully, for Stroud, says his client acted as a “middle man” on behalf of those he knows and would only supply modest amounts to a limited number of people.

Sentencing, Recorder Greg Bull QC said: “I have to deal with you for the supply of class A drugs over a period of time. You were all to a greater or lesser extent street dealers.”

Ugur Tunc was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment, Tanju Tunc was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment and Jack Stroud was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment.

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