Bradley John inquest will not see pupils ‘put on trial’ over schoolboy’s death


Classmates of a schoolboy found dead will not be “put on trial” at his inquest, a coroner has ruled.

Bradley John, 14, was found dead at St John Lloyd Catholic Comprehensive School in Llanelli.

The schoolboy’s father, Carmarthenshire hunt master Byron John, believes his son was let down by the school.

Carmarthenshire coroner Mark Layton said he had to consider the emotional wellbeing of pupils involved in the tragedy.

Mr Layton told a pre-inquest review: “My approach is that we are not going to put children on trial. The family is going to say that Bradley was being bullied.

“The inquest does not need to know when, where, and by whom. But I do need to know if that was communicated to the school and what did they do about it.”

The inquest will hear from a 13-year-old friend from outside the school who Bradley confided in that he was being bullied in the yard.

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Colin Probert, the bus driver who took Bradley to school on the day of the tragedy, will give evidence about the schoolboy’s state of mind.

Bradley’s family said he was his normal self and was making plans for the future on the day he died in September last year.

They believe his actions were caused by an event in the school leading up to him being found dead in the toilets by his younger sister Danielle.

Lawyers for school head teacher Ashley Howells and Carmarthenshire council attended the 90-minute hearing at Llanelli Coroners’ Court.

The coroner said: “But the inquest needs to know whether any behaviour at the school affected Bradley and whether that had an impact on him ending his life.”

The hearing was adjourned and a three-day inquest is expected to take place in March next year.

Byron John
Byron John

Speaking after the hearing Bradley’s father said: “It’s not going to bring Bradley back but we just want to know the truth about what happened that day.

“If it can prevent another child from doing this then it will be worthwhile.”

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