2,000 Gardaí staff Covid-19 checkpoints ahead of reduced restrictions


Patrols and checkpoints across the country are being staffed by over 2,000 Gardaí.

They are in place as part of Operation Fanacht to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

Barry Aldworth from AA Roadwatch says there are fears people could be tempted to break the rules.

He says: “Obviously this is a priority for Gardaí who want to make sure people are adhering to the restrictions on movement.

“And you can see how in some people’s mindset you might find thoughts creeping in of: ‘Well it’s going to be 5km in a few days time so surely 5kms is ok now’.”

Meanwhile Dr John Cuddihy, Director of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre said the public should not lose focus to ensure a second wave of the virus.

“It is doubly important now that we continue that discipline of adhering to the guidlines in order to not lose the ground gained.

“This particular illness […] once contained, there is no guarantee that if people don’t maintain that discipline that it doesn’t increase again.”

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