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Satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo published a front cover showing two men kissing after announcing they had invited the Prophet Mohammed was to edit the issue.

The Paris-based offices were last week firebombed after the controversial announcement.  US gossip site Gawker described the figure on the front cover of the issue a “gay Mohammed”, the caption on the cartoon read: “Love is stronger than hate.”

The paper, which was started in 1961 provoked anger in 2007 when it reprinted Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, angering the Muslim community.

The front cover depicts a Charlie Hebdo artist kissing a Muslim man on the lips, many believe that this is simply adding insult to injury.

None of the publications enemies have made a statement yet.  After last weeks firebombing hackers from Akincilar, a Turkish group took over the publications website and left a message reading: “You keep abusing Islam’s almighty Prophet with disgusting and disgraceful cartoons using excuses of freedom of speck… Be God’s Curse On You!  We Will be Your Curse on Cyber World!”

Gawker says: “This is not going to end well”.

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